Instituto Psicanálise do Distrito Federal e Centro-Oeste

CNPJ. 32.918.749/0001-09

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SEPS 714/914, Bl. A, ed. Porto Alegre. Asa Sul,  cep. 70390-145


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Pub & Bar

Support & Services

Our company is ready to offer support and services for expats arriving and living in Brasilia. 

We offer a customized selection of services in order to promote a successful process of adaptation and integration to the local community.

Our services include:

Cross-cultural coaching for social and professional issues;

Home and School search and support;

Facilitation of access to various services (health care, pet care, ...);

Companion services for medical issues;


Expat Support & Services/ Therapy / Mental Health
The company's mission is to provide expats coming to Brasilia support and services that will contribute to their personal and familiar well-being during their stay.  Welcome to Brasília.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Living abroad may put a significant psychological strain on an expat and his/her family. 

Our clinical services are designed to assist individuals and their families to cope with life's challenges.

Individual Therapy: The process by which one shares intimate details of their lives and its impact on the socio-emotional and mental health status of the individual in an effort to resolve/”heal” situations/circumstances that contribute or lead to their mental health challenges. 

Family Therapy: The means by which an individual and their family members are brought together to share, explore, maintain and resolve clinical interruptions to the family dynamic and its impact on the individual client. 

Relationship Counseling/Marriage Counseling: The process by which a couple is allowed to focus on addressing interpersonal relationship challenges. This form of therapy can be used to strengthen an existing relationship, to explore areas of tension in a relationship, and to deal with a variety of issues that come up in interpersonal interactions.

Group Therapy: The process by which 2 or more individuals meet to address personal and/or clinical issues that allow for individuals to engage with others having related or similar concerns.Groups differ based on the purpose of group and can include psycho-educational and therapeutic/clinical focuses.

Psychiatric Services: Psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluations often for the consideration for medications. An assessment includes a psychiatric evaluation often for diagnosis, consideration of medication, or assessment of a specific area of personal functioning, or where the issues may also involve medical factors. In addition, on-going medication management services are offered.



Our associates are able to provide psychological care to children, youngsters and adults, in english, french and spanish.  

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